Tape & Video Library

Ministry Lead:
John Clevenger & Diana Rivera

Please email John Clevenger & Diana Rivera with any questions regarding the Tape & Video Ministry.
email: n9qfz@rcn.com

The Video library is a convenient place to find family-friendly and Christian films spanning a variety of topics. Our library is organized into documentary-style films, Christian educational or ministry, general family, and children’s animated films. We have several series, for example, American Government and US Constitution, Ray VanderLaan’s That the World May Know, Dobson’s Bringing Up Boys, Moody Science, and Time-Life historical documentaries. We carry the old favorites such as Ben-Hur, Fiddler on the Roof, Old Yeller, and To Kill a Mockingbird as well as more recent releases such as, The Passion of the Christ, Amazing Grace, and Luther.

A section of our library is devoted to audio tapes providing a range of recordings by Christian leaders such as Larry Burkett, David Jeremiah, Texe Marrs, and Ravi Zacharias, among others. We also have a small book library consisting of Christian literature from authors such as Billy Graham, C.S. Lewis, Phillip Johnson, Ken Ham, and David Leatherberry.

Films and tapes are available to borrow for 1 week, books and education material for 2 weeks. There’s no charge but donations are gladly accepted to expand our selections. The video and audio tape library is located on the South side of the main sanctuary and is open after Sunday morning service.

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